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From startups to titans of industry, we are a hybrid creative agency with a global mindset offering design thinking-based and technology driven services in product innovation, customer experience management, and digital transformation. From brand development, website design, social media management and content marketing, to designing your next powerful ad campaign, our team of talented designers create memorable blueprints, and with few words tell stories that speak directly to the core of your brand identity. We understand the intricacies and complex challenges of color coding, psychology and print requirements. What catches the eye, captures the mind!

When it comes to digital, we’re unapologetic optimists. We merge imagination and technology to help brands grow in an age of digital transformation. Through our proprietary narrative-based innovation process, we help clients use design thinking and storytelling to embrace their customers as heroes, explore new user journeys, and ideate new service concepts and product ideas at the intersection of business strategy and imagination.

Concept Creation

Our process moves quickly from the expression of concepts to prioritizing and developing the most viable user experiences. We craft and refine real-world solutions that evoke emotional connections and measurable responses.

Digital Strategies

We thrive on creating intelligent, integrated  campaigns and seamless customer journeys. At Avant Marque, our purpose is to help brands with different aspects of their social media strategy by deploying result-driven services around social strategy, content production, paid social advertising, and influencer among others.

Identity & Logo Creation

Forget looking generic and bring your design to life! We help determine the building blocks of your uniqueness, including but not limited to typography and color palette, and we clearly communicate who you are through logo creation, the cornerstone in your brand identity.

Web Development

We build sites to perform with a focus on strategic planning, compelling visual design and flawless user experience, in order to drive superior outcomes.

A Glimpse Into
Our Circle

A Glimpse Into
Our Circle


Firas Mansour


Dena Rifai


Nour Sati


Hassan Fakih




We are storytellers, strategists, intellectuals, communicators, techies, and visionaries who cut through the noise


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May Ziadeh Street, Spears, Kantari, Beirut, Lebanon.

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“Bringing a wealth of knowledge in client acquisition, relationship management, and strategy development and execution, Firas excels in evaluating the needs of a business and devising new and innovative strategies that work.”

“With the love of being challenged to think outside the box, Dena uses a combination of strategic and creative ideas to deliver optimal results, be it with relation to branding or  advertising campaigns.”

“With injecting her individual personality, taste, and style into her work, Nour makes sure our team is empowered and grounded, whilst being excited and inspired to push boundaries and make a difference.”

“With a proven track record of creating functional, visually striking websites, Hassan leverages user performance with analytics and testing to optimize a consumer-centric design based on each unique audience.”

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Talk To Us & We’ll Talk To You!